Safe Strings Tennis
May 17, 2017

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to say thanks for all your work on building my website, This is the fourth revision of the site, which has been live for 5 years and certainly the biggest and best it’s ever been. As my business has grown it’s next stage, I needed a way to better interact with my clients. And this latest website design has surely delivered that.

I needed to improve my service offering, to allow clients to up-skill by watching videos and downloading materials on the latest techniques I teach on property investing and how to get to the next level in investing. I needed a better way to share the tools and resources I have available. I needed to add a knowledge base, I needed better forms to capture information, I needed improved SEO and to be smart-phone friendly. And I needed better graphics.

It’s been so much work putting together this latest website – but we got there in the end and I am very grateful for your assistance and patience during the process.

Within days of going live with the new website it was already generating me more money. I had clients ringing up and emailing me having had seen the website almost immediately. My branding has been improved significantly thanks to your design advice.

Thanks also for the lessons on how to optimise the website and thanks for being there to fix all the minor things you need to fix, when a site goes live. And a huge thanks for your photography work, this was an added bonus, being able to get all this from the one source. Definitely worth the investment. Thanks again.