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May 16, 2017

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23 essential wordpress plugins bondi web design
Consumers are fickle. With so much choice at their fingertips they get easily distracted with the latest ‘shiny object’ they’re presented with and are quick to ‘move on’.

That is why, during times like these, times of great and rapid change, an important aspect of your business success on the internet comes down to your ability to continuously change with the times and to stay ahead of the curve.

Four years ago when social media really started to hit the scene, websites needed to suddenly include Facebook ‘Like’ and Twitter ‘Share’ buttons.

When marketers discovered the power of ‘social sharing’ and visitor ‘comments’ and ‘reviews’ as a way of manipulating their websites Google Search Engine rankings, suddenly blogging became an important part of a net savvy businesses advertising mix if you wanted to keep up.

The same thing happened when business owners realised they needed to ‘Get Mobile’ and should have a mobile version of their website as that is the way a great proportion of web visitors are viewing websites these days.

And when you take in to account the reality that web ‘browsers’ such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are constantly being updated, you can see that your website can be only 6 months old and suddenly it starts to experience a drop off in visitors and engagement.

Having a website that functions fast and smooth, is ranking high in the search engines, has all the bells and whistles to make it marketable is a necessity to engaging clients and keeping them returning.

But just as important as the functionality is a website that razzle-dazzles with its schmick design.

Look around at websites that are older than 2 years and you will see that a large majority of them look outdated. They are missing the vital parts that a current website should have for good marketing purposes, such as social share buttons, email capture forms, comments, stylised graphics and even home page rotating galleries that should be using Javascript instead of flash.

That is why we recommend a constant website ‘Refresh’ or website ‘Redesign’ to ‘Jazz’ up your site is in order every 6-12 months or so as its a great way to breathe new life into your website and as a result, into your business.

A Website Refresh allows you to give your website a facelift, that botox and collegen it needs, to upgrade your website to the latest software and systems currently on offer and a new or at least enhanced design.

That’s Why We Recommend WordPress.

There are many great content management systems around such as Joomla, Drupal and Magento, but for ease of use and a greater selection of adaptable software we suggest WordPress is sufficient for most businesses needs.

With a WordPress website, a lot of the updating of your website can happen automatically. Because WordPress is ‘Open Source’ it is continuously being developed and improved by a variety of developers.

With WordPress, not only is the Content Management System (CMS) being continuously updated but so are the additional ‘Plugins’ that WordPress are famous for, being continuously updated and improved.

With WordPress there are literally thousands of additional plugins that you can use to enhance your website and include all of those functionalities and features mentioned earlier with a simple click of the mouse.

By using WordPress as the platform for your website, you will always be able to quickly and easily keep your website updated and inline with the most recent software and browser developments so you are always current, relevant and compatible.

If your website is in need of a ‘Refresh’, click here to read about our Website Redesign service.

Or CONTACT one of our web design experts for a free quote today!

23 essential wordpress plugins bondi web designDownload your FREE copy of
“23 Essential WordPress Plugins”
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